Clipping Path - Professional photography all time looks very exceptional .  05.01.16 - 7:49am

Remove White Background - This bride looks as like as a fair .  04.20.16 - 7:07am

Diana - thanks everyone for the nice comments! xo  08.29.10 - 6:33pm

Keith McEvoy - Diana & Jeff--you guys have such jaw-dropping talent. Not only did you really capture and enhance the best day of my life on film, but you two were both incredible to work with. Thank you SO much.  08.09.10 - 12:15pm

Lisa - Heart, heart, heart! I love love love them. Rebecca and Keith looked so genuinely happy on this day and the pictures capture that so well. Gorgeous bride, gorgeous pics.  08.05.10 - 2:29pm

John Marshall - Main Street - Rebecca - Congratulations and what a beautiful collection of photographs. Everyone at Main Street was so pleased to help make your day special, and none more than myself knowing that you began your career with us at our quaint cafe. Very best of luck to you as you begin this wonderful new journey.  08.02.10 - 3:20pm

Ben - Awesome wedding and kick ass shots!  08.02.10 - 2:09pm

Rebecca - Thank you for documenting such a magical day for Keith and I. The pictures are incredible and you were so fun to work with. We couldn't be happier!  08.01.10 - 6:50pm

Gina Shaw - Beautiful bride, handsome groom, extraordinary attention to details = one wonderful and unforgettable wedding! So glad I could be there to celebrate. These photos look as though they come from a bridal magazine! What wonderful memories these will make for the bride and groom.  08.01.10 - 6:17pm

Laurie - As the MOB, I couldn't be happier.....with the entire wedding experience documented so beautifully with your photos.  08.01.10 - 4:20pm

Betsy Thacker Ciffone - Without a doubt one of the most unique and creative weddings I've ever seen. The pictures captured all of that and the obvious joy of the occasion. Beautiful bride + handsome groom = fabulous pictures.  07.30.10 - 11:21pm

Kristin - Simply Put- I ADORE every shot. Di and Jeff - you never cease to amaze!! Can I get married again, just for more photos?! Swooning :)  07.30.10 - 10:24pm

pam Guzzi - great photo; great time; even better people!  07.29.10 - 2:56am