Clipping Path - The last picture on a lake looks very awesome .  04.27.16 - 6:10am

Remove White Background - Their wedding dresses are very gorgeous and coloring .  04.15.16 - 6:21am

Diana - Heather & Chad! yes and seriously would love to visit Key West again!! all of us!  09.21.11 - 12:59pm

Heather & Chad - WOW! That sure looks like a very special wedding....and it was ours! Thank you Diana and Jeff for capturing all the love, laughter and celebrating! So D are you ready yet to go back to Key West for more fish tacos?!   09.20.11 - 9:17am

Kathy (Heather's mom) - What a wonderful weekend, and you both made it so special!! Love love love all the pics. Helps me to relive this wonderful time!! Thank you for being you!!  09.19.11 - 11:19pm

Kristin - Just Love Love Love everything about this wedding - the style , the location , the whole vibe. - fantastic shots Di & Jeff !  09.19.11 - 2:52pm