Clipping Path - Must be everyone'll love such lovely baby .  04.23.16 - 5:34am

Remove White Background - Cute baby photography . I like those so much .  04.13.16 - 5:27am

Evvy Weyrich - Diana, What a talent you have in capturing beautiful moments. Baby Miles is precious and I can hardly wait for you to photograph my yet to be born twin grandbabies.  01.18.12 - 1:29am

Kat - DIANA!! these are so extremely gorgeous!!! we had such a great time with you yesterday - Miles loved you, and I am constantly astounded by your talent! everyone needs a Diana in their life.  01.12.12 - 11:24am

Jackie - Miles is gorgeous! What beautiful shots. Diana - I cannot wait for you to do our wedding in June!!  01.12.12 - 10:24am

Jeff - What eyes!!! Great shots Di. Sending my love to Kat and Tom!!!!  01.11.12 - 9:05pm

Continuum Photography - What a great smile!  01.11.12 - 8:49pm