Graphic Experts - Good fashion and the lady looking beautiful. Thanks for post.  05.10.16 - 12:27pm

Clipping Path - Her dresses are very colorful .  04.23.16 - 5:30am

Remove White Background - She looks beautiful and her lip is very lovely .  04.13.16 - 5:19am

jackie - STUNNING. Alex looks beautiful. This looks like a French magazine spread. Diana - your talent is tremendous.  04.20.12 - 12:01pm

Diana - thanks ladies! Alex is my muse - as she knows! love you both  04.17.12 - 8:08pm

alex - Diana! These came out so well! Thank you!!! (and Kat, I love you xoxox)  04.17.12 - 5:45pm

kat - OH.MY.GORGEOUS!! Diana you have outdone yourself. i think you found your muse :) Alex, you are like a fine wine... just better and better! these are stunning!!!  04.17.12 - 5:06pm