Clipping Path - Better capturing photography .  05.06.16 - 5:01am

Remove White Background - Very brightness and coloring photography .  04.27.16 - 5:31am

diana - Hey Claire! Thanks and Happy New Year to you and Rod. drop an email would love to chat  01.08.09 - 9:42am

claire h - Hi Diana, happy new year. Love these bowling pictures, Rod and myself try to go bowling as often as we can and I recently got my very own ball!! I love the new blog. Say hi to Jeff for us.  01.07.09 - 3:41pm

Katie W. - Fun, Diana! The bowling looks awesome. Up here in Boston they have candlepin bowling, which I'd never done before. It's crazy. But we go to this alley that looks similar to the one you were at- it's old school and you have to keep your own score. The score cards aren't as cool, though. Happy New Year to you and Jeff! Sending my love.  01.05.09 - 9:18pm