Clipping Path - How lovely dog . Thanks for sharing .  04.16.16 - 5:01am

Remove White Background - Lovely dog . Thanks for sharing .  04.07.16 - 5:30am

Matthew Evans - Fantastic photography of engagement session - well done!  08.17.14 - 12:39pm

izzy - I love these pictures! They really capture how freakin adorable you all are! Love you guys and love to see how happy you are. So excited for the big day!  07.30.14 - 1:36pm

Lori - Love the photos, Diana! Thank you so much for your patience. Hopefully, we'll be less shy on the big day :)  07.09.14 - 3:23pm

Mirtha Dominguez - Amazing & beautiful. Congratulations to you both.  07.08.14 - 3:17pm

Yarelin Hernandez - I love you guys!!!! Can't wait to be part of your big day. Adam you're one lucky guy you've been blessed with TWO lovely ladies ;) Lori your lucky too - I've never seen you so happy before... thanks Adam! God bless you three always xoxoxoxox  07.08.14 - 11:24am