Remove White Background - Perfect matching couple .  04.26.16 - 6:15am

Ben - That shot in the forsythia is incredible. Very inspiring guys!  04.24.09 - 8:26am

Aunt Vivien, Joan and Marjorie - Dear Jacob and Lisa, our blessings to both of you. Definitely you look so natural, so in love, so yourselves. Please extend our congratulations to your parents. Our love to both of you, Aunts Vivien, Joan and Marjorie  04.12.09 - 1:13pm

Mari Bucarion - The photos are incredible - not only are the pictures beautiful, you captured so much more - their inner beauty, their love for one another, and they radiate happiness. You are so talented & thank you for sharing your gift.  04.11.09 - 9:20pm

Evvy Weyrich - Dianna, What a wonderfully talented young lady you have become. Your work is extraordinary as you have truly captured the meaning of love in Lisa and Jacob's engagement photos. We are eternally grateful.  04.10.09 - 4:10pm

Lisa - Diana was being kind. We both were practically phobic in front of the camera...errr...or maybe that was more me than Jacob. ;) The fact that we look so happy and relaxed and ended up having *fun* was purely due to the photographer. Diana is an amazing talent. If anyone likes these photos as much as we do, all credit is due to the woman behind the camera!  04.10.09 - 3:56pm