Remove White Background - Very amazing photography . I'm inspire to see those .  04.26.16 - 6:12am

Ben - Great shots as always guys! This makes me want to take the trip out there. Jeff looks like he has been on a horse before :) Congrats on 12 years!  06.01.09 - 4:10pm

Nicole - You too are the coolest! I adore these shots.  06.01.09 - 4:01pm

Diana - Thanks Katie!!! Have a great trip and send me some pics. xo  04.30.09 - 1:43pm

Katie - Diana! Looks like you guys had an awesome trip. I loved Napa when I was there, I only wish I had gotten to go horseback riding. Your wide-brimmed hat is awesome. And I've got to say, Jeff has such an amazing presence in photos. Eric and I are off to Puerto Rico on Saturday for our honeymoon, only a little late! Can't wait to enjoy the sun and surf. Will send pics when I can. xoxo Katie  04.29.09 - 7:32pm