Clipping Path - Interesting photography. Thanks a lot for sharing such photography .  05.03.16 - 3:23am

Remove White Background - Impressive post. I'm inspire to see those .  04.22.16 - 3:51am

aga - Lovely work! light. happy. awesome.  11.15.09 - 3:54pm

Yulia - The pics are amazing, I wish I knew about your photographer when I was getting married. Jackie, you look beautiful! Looks like such a fun wedding on a gorgeous day.  10.24.09 - 3:02pm

Jackie - I cannot begin to tell you how happy we are with our pictures! We are so happy we found you and Jeff and we can't thank you enough!!! You are the best! p.s. Love the picture of Andrew peacing out from the alter.  10.07.09 - 5:37pm

Akilah - Congrats to you two on your big day! Beautiful pics! I am so happy for two of you!!  10.07.09 - 5:37pm

Ben - Great shots of a great time! Can't wait to see the rest of the photos. Good to see you guys!  10.06.09 - 7:56am

Nicole - They do it again! Awesome pics of two wonderful people.  10.06.09 - 7:44am