Clipping Path - I like to participate wedding party .  05.02.16 - 3:23am

Remove White Background - Natural place is perfect for better capturing .  04.21.16 - 4:32am

Destination Wedding Photographer - Wow! You are a talented wedding photographer. I felt like every image belonged in a Magazine. I loved the sand dollar escorts.. Great job from a Toronto Photographer.  04.28.14 - 4:06pm

Kelly McAlee - Love this couple...and the wedding photos...your incredible!  07.01.10 - 10:24pm

cara - I popped over after seeing you featured on The Bride's Cafe -- you have such fantastic talent! I hope you don't mind if I feature some of your photos, credits to you, in my weekly series Wedding Love? Can't wait to see more of your work :)!  06.19.10 - 2:20pm

Diana - thanks everyone! All of you made us feel so welcome - truly a wonderful time with warm family and friends - xo  06.08.10 - 10:48am

Louis I. Gordon (father of the bride) - Diana and Jeff, The pictures are as magical as the entire weekend. You did a fantastic job.  06.07.10 - 11:12pm

Nancy Gordon - Diana and Jeff- these photos of Carly and Gil's magical wedding are incredible. Thank you for bringing that magic to life!  06.07.10 - 9:35pm

Katie Forte - These photos are UNREAL! So fantastic. They capture all of the FUN, JOY and LOVE that was on the island of ARUBA for Carly & Gil's wedding.  06.07.10 - 5:41pm

Gil - I never had a doubt that I would love the photos, but my expectations were exceeded by a million miles. Jeff and Diana, you guys are the best. May your lives be blessed always....  06.07.10 - 5:22pm

Verna - Hi Carly and Gil! Nice pics! You have some very FUNNY photo's as well :) You look very beautiful together! :) Verna  06.07.10 - 5:20pm

Lidia Vaknin - Diana and Jeff,you are true artists,as well as great people.Thanks for your amazing pictures,Lidia.(Gil's Mom)  06.07.10 - 5:14pm

eric goldsmith - diana + jeff, you guys really outdid yourselves this time. you should be very proud, awesome shots and i feel like i just re-lived it for a few minutes. love you vaknins! C+E  06.07.10 - 4:40pm

Carly - Diana and Jeff -- you are truly amazing and we couldn't have asked for more gorgeous photographs. I keep looking at these to relive our amazing wedding weekend. Thank you for capturing all of our love, laughter and fun that we shared during our wedding in Aruba! xo  06.07.10 - 4:01pm

ilene & chuck - You look amazing. we are sending our love to both of you.  06.02.10 - 12:47pm