Clipping Path - Looking beautiful this bride .  05.02.16 - 3:22am

Remove White Background - Better capturing photography . Looks nice .  04.21.16 - 4:31am

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Maryalice Beinert - I really love the photos. You were on the spot when anything memorable was happening. The photos captured the joy of this special day for our family. Sara & Stephen were as comfortable being photographed on their wedding day as they were for their engagement photos. The hard part will be selecting our favorite ones.  06.16.10 - 12:20pm

sara s. - These pictures are so beautiful, yet emotional, and casual. They capture the event perfectly! I am getting all misty-eyed just looking at them! -sara (bridesmaid)  06.15.10 - 3:52pm

Rev. Ilan Kwittken - You guys did a fantastic job!! These are gorgeous!! I have never seen such beautiful wedding pics, for real!! So glad I got to meet you. Ilan Kwittken  06.14.10 - 4:12pm

Jennifer Pozner - I love that you captured both Sara and Steve's sense of humor and playfulness, at the same time as their genuine love for one another, and their enjoyment of their community. These pictures have great personality. Can't wait to see the rest.  06.14.10 - 12:28pm

sara - ohmygod, i could not possibly love these photos any more than i do. i am just bursting--you captured all of the happy moments and the entirely unplanned humorous moments. both of our mothers commented that every time something interesting was happening, they looked up and you and jeff were already there capturing it--you noticed everything. we picked you to photograph our wedding because we knew you could capture the joy and fun without stiffness, and you did exactly that. it took me an hour to watch the slideshow because there were so many photos and it was like reliving the entire night. so happy!  06.13.10 - 7:33pm